Joyce Hawkes, PhD, Washington State Certified Counselor, author and founder of Cell-Level Healing, provides healing facilitation for clients worldwide through in-office and distance sessions. Her book Cell-Level Healing:The Bridge from Soul to Cell explains her method, provides tools for self-healing, and gives examples of how Cell-Level Healing has helped people. Her second book, Resonance: Nine Practices for Harmonious Health and Vitality is a useful guide for healing and is filled with stories and examples from Joyce's life and work.
Helen Folsom, CHT, MA, Cell-Level Healing facilitator and Washington State Registered hypnotherapist, is an endorsed associate of Joyce Hawkes. She specializes in energy and hypnosis therapy to support people with health and emotional challenges, and has worked with people around the world. You may book an in-office or phone appointment with Helen by choosing one of her services listed below.
Erika Wiersma, Cell-Level Healing facilitator, is an endorsed associate of Joyce Hawkes. She specialzes in support for gifted and sensitive children and their families, as well as providing healing facilitation for those with various health and emotional challenges. You may book in-office or phone appointment with Erika by choosing one of her services below.
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